Child Custody Private Investigations

Family Child Custody

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Child custody investigations are thorough evaluations used to determine what happens when the other parent has the child out of your sight ensuring the safety of your child.

Family Child Custody Investigation
Family Child Custody Investigation

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Child custody co-parenting, is commonly know as Equal parenting.

Divorcing, separating couples will agree to collaborate and raise their children like when they were married. With both parties attempting to be on equal footing, the task of building a case, either in your defense or against an ex-husband or ex-wife, sometimes no longer can agree.

Laws to prevent discrimination against parents with disabilities, addressing how relocation will affect a custody arrangement, and the rights of grandparents raising grandchildren have been enacted. Common reasons for a child custody investigation includes child abuse, chronic neglect, alcohol abuse and instances of drug use. A child custody investigation is often requested by a concerned parent to observe and evaluate the child’s experience while with the other guardian’s care. There has been quite a bit of legislative action at the state level in the United States when it comes to child custody.

Other reasons for child custody investigations often occur during a divorce or separation.

Child Custody, mother & daughter
Child Custody, mother & daughter

If a dispute between the parents regarding physical custody of the child can be due to high emotions. Separating parents may throw accusations at each other regarding their parenting skills and abilities. Because of the possibility of false accusations a qualified private investigator is needed to uncover evidence of the truth.

Through this process, an investigator will make an observation of the child’s life in both your home and the other parent/guardian’s. A child custody investigation can sometimes get intimidating because of the process. Investigators use professional methods, to get a look into the care, well-being, and health of the child.

As a parent, you always want to make sure your child is safe.

Their safety and security is your primary focus. If at all possible, our child's safety needs to be at home. You may have reason to be concerned when they are in a different environment or even interacting with people you do not personally know.

The investigator will survey both guardians using a variety of videos, photos, and audio recordings. A background check on both parents can be required during this process; this is to ensure that the children will be living in a safe, strong, healthy and loving environment. We will also listen to the testimonies of the children and family members.

Your child’s security is always your primary focus.

It’s important to hire a qualified private investigator to assure the collection of high-quality evidence.

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