Elder Abuse can be prevented by hiring a Private Investigator

Elderly Abuse Howell Investigations

Elder Abuse can be prevented by hiring a Private Investigator

Elder abuse happens more than people would like to think.  Making the decision to provide care for an aging relative is never an easy one.  Whether you live close by, or in a different state, it's challenging to find a caregiver or a nursing home facility that you can trust. Hiring the wrong caregiver or choosing the wrong nursing home facility, could become a tragic outcome.

The elderly are sometimes too scared or too weak to stand up for themselves, and it can be easy for people to take advantage of them.

Elderly Abuse Howell Investigations

This abuse can be physical, mental, financial or emotional. The result of intentional actions, malice, or negligence can be devastating and needs immediate action.

Elder abuse is a crime that often goes unreported.

The statistics show that the frequencies of abuse incidents are increasing. Elder abuse may be due to negligence and failing to provide services to people in need of care, or through deliberate malice or intentional acts.

Financial elder abuse is considered a crime in most states.

It is imperative to the prosecution of these cases to have a complete and thorough investigation. This field of investigation is specialized and requires the private investigator to prepare the case for criminal and/or civil prosecution.

Many people believe that hiring a caregiver for an aging parent or grandparent is the better thing to do.

Be careful, nursing home abuse appears regularly in the news.

Elderly Abuse Howell Investigations

Elderly abuse happens just as much at home,  if not more often if the caregiver is not a qualified, kind and caring individual.

If you suspect an elderly person is being neglected, abused, or taken advantage of, do not waste any time. Call Howell Investigations immediately for a free elder abuse investigation. By doing a thorough investigation, we will determine the extent of the abuse. If the issue involves theft or embezzlement, our investigators will be able to trace the losses and identify all of the guilty parties. We work confidentially to make sure you get the answers you need. In cases of elder abuse, the health and safety of the victim are of the utmost importance. Don’t let another day go by without acting to protect him or her.

If you feel the victim is in immediate danger, please call 911 or your local law enforcement or social service agency.